Pre-Heat Max Battery Kit

Pre-Heat Max Battery Kit


Our pen style battery is a perfect, low cost battery for your CBD Wax cartridge. 


Easy to use and has great battery life! Charges via USB Micro cable and has variable tempurature control. 


You are going to love your Max Battery Kit paired with one of our great CBD cartridges!


(Note: Due to high demand of our products, shipping times may be up to 1 week)

  • Contents

    • 1 x Max 380MAH Battery
    • USB Charger
  • How To Use

    • 5 Clicks to turn on/off
    • 2 Clicks to Preheat hold for 15 seconds
    • Pre-heat Voltage -1.8V
    • 3 Clicks to adjust voltage
      • Red 3.6V
      • Blue 3.1V
      • White 2.7V

    Simply screw your oil cartridge into the battery, press and hold the button and inhale.