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Now you can experience the amazing benefits of CBD for free! All we ask is that you cover the shipping and handling cost :)


Look, here's the deal. CBD is amazing and I believe everyone should have a chance to try it out and see if it helps them. 

After being in the industry for less than a year, I have seen hundreds of lives change because of CBD and I want to expand our reach and help more people like you. 

Having seen so many people find great relief and results with our CBD products, I wanted to give everyone a chance to try it out and see if it helps them. 

So are you ready to get your free sample of CBD? 


We have free samples of CBD Oil, CBD Rich Hemp Flower, or CBD Salve. 

Here's a quick breakdown. 

CBD Oil: You take this oil by dropping it under your tongue and holding it there for 30-60 seconds. The CBD will absorb into your system within 10-15 minutes. Out of the 3, the CBD oil will have the longest effects.

CBD Rich Hemp Flower: This is the actual flower or "buds" from the hemp plant. With this product, you smoke it to consume it. The benefits of taking your CBD via smoking, is that the effects are instant. Personally, I believe you feel the strongest effects from smoking hemp flower. 

*You will need some type of smoking or vaping device to intake your hemp flower such as a pipe, water pipe, rolling paper (joint), vaporizer, etc. 

CBD Salve: CBD Salve is amazing! One of my personal favorite products. This is a topical salve or cream that you rub onto your skin. Great for arthritis, pains, inflammation, etc. The great thing about the salve is that if you have a sore back, you can directly rub the salve right to the area and get "near instant" relief. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Choose which product sounds best to you. Maybe you want to try all the samples? Maybe you want to try 2. The choice is yours. 

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