What is CBD?

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, CBD is one of over 100 compounds called cannabinoids that are found in cannabis plants. You might be thinking, “Isn’t that where marijuana comes from?” Yes, but unlike the mind-altering compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it will not get you high. Since CBD does not cause psychoactive effects, it is an excellent option for people seeking the benefits of cannabis products without the high or breaking federal law.

Can CBD get me high?

Short answer: No, it will NOT make you high. Long answer: All CBD products on the market are required by law to contain <0.3% THC. That’s less than three-tenths of a percent. Our products fall well below that threshold. CBD-rich industrial hemp and THC-rich marijuana are different varieties of the same plant species (Cannabis sativa) that have been intentionally bred for separate purposes.
Think of it like a Siberian husky versus a German shepherd. They’re both dogs, technically members of the same species (Canis familiaris), but selective breeding has produced vastly different characteristics between the two.

Is CBD and Hemp Legal?

CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC are derived from industrial hemp plants, which became federally legal for cultivation by state authorized institutions after the 2014 Farm Bill was signed. Based on Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill, harvesting and distribution is 100% legal at the federal level.

Is Hemp different than Marijuana?

They are both part of the cannabis family. Depending on how the plant is bred dictates whether it is considered marijuana or hemp. Marijuana is bred with higher levels of THC, which makes it psychoactive, and usually lower levels of CBD. Hemp is a cross breed of the plant to have higher CBD and lower THC. (Less than 0.3% THC)

Will I fail a drug test if I use CBD products?

Short answer: Technically it’s possible, but EXTREMELY unlikely. Long answer: Let’s do the math. A typical single-dose marijuana edible may have anywhere from 10 to 100 mg of THC, which would likely set off a drug test.
Our tinctures contain less than 0.05% THC. This means that one gram of tincture (which is A LOT) would therefore have less than half a milligram of THC, or less than one-twentieth the amount in the smallest edible you might buy from a dispensary.
So is it possible for this to trigger a drug test? Theoretically, yes.
Is it likely? Nope. Remember, no drug test is perfect. You are far more likely to fail a drug test due to a false positive than from the barely measurable amounts of THC found in our products.

How is your CBD Extracted?

For The People's CBD is extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction and is multistage lab tested every step of the way.

What is the difference between ingesting CBD and vaping CBD?

Eating CBD takes a while to kick in, but lasts a very long time while vaping CBD is extremely fast acting but fades faster than eating. Our best recommendation is to try one vape product such as our cartridges or pods and one edible product such as our tinctures or NOIDS. Vape and eat at the same time for a super dose of CBD with both fast and long lasting effects. Now you have CBD active in the body immediately with more on the way!

What is Unrefined full spectrum dark CBD?

Short answer: Unrivaled potency. This is BEYOND full-spectrum. Long answer: Most other CBD products on the market – even full-spectrum – involve some amount of refinement. The problem with this is that the more you refine any hemp product, the more nutrients are lost, so the most effective CBD products you can get are the ones that can call themselves unrefined. Only our products can say that.
As we say around here, refined CBD is like taking a vitamin C tablet instead of eating an orange. Sure, you may technically have more of the so-called active ingredient, but the human body is far more complex than that; all the other botanical compounds in the plant, many of which are potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatories in their own right, interact to maximize their effectiveness. We keep all that good stuff in there. Our CBD is DARK, just the way nature intended it. And who are we to argue with Mother Nature?

What's the difference between Unrefined Full Spectrum CBD and CBD Crystal Isolates?

Short answer: Unrefined full spectrum is far more efficient and effective. Long answer: The source of your CBD matters a great deal. If you have a CBD gummy containing 25 mg of CBD isolate (crystals), it’s not going to be as effective as a lower dose of unrefined full spectrum CBD (like ours), let alone a comparable dose. The darker the vegetable the more nutrient dense it is, and the unrefined dark CBD we use in our capsules is so dark it’s literally black. This is the TRUE full spectrum state, the most potent and nutrient dense form of CBD. Most companies will take this dark extract and refine it into a light golden form or even a crystal form to create gummy candies. While this does bring up the milligrams of CBD, it also strips the plant of everything that nature intended you to eat with it – we’re talking CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, terpenoids, plant sterols, chlorophyll, vitamin E, omega 3,6,9 fatty acids, and a host of other phytonutrients that are missing in that crystal CBD gummy.
It’s not just about the milligrams – it’s about how effective those milligrams are – and what you’ll find is that dark CBD works tremendously better than anything else even if it has less CBD in it. Our capsules contain 25 mg of CBD per capsule, along with all those other dark nutrients inside to get the synergistic affect of an unrefined full spectrum product. You’ll be presently surprised at the difference of feel between dark CBD and light CBD.

Will this interfere with my medications?

Short answer: Probably not, but when in doubt talk to your prescribing physician. Long answer: We have never heard or seen anyone complain about CBD interfering with medication. You may as well be drinking green tea for wellness; CBD isn’t a drug, it’s just plant juice.
We’ve seen plenty of people reduce their medications and trade in truckloads of pharmaceuticals for the natural healing effects of CBD. (Obviously we can’t officially recommend that, but it happens pretty often.) If you have specific questions about any meds you take, play it safe and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Do you have labwork verifying what’s in your salves/cartridges/tinctures/NOIDS?

Yes! We have multi-stage labwork backing up what we say is in our products, available upon request for every level of extract we offer. We even have lab work for our master batch if you want to read all 14 pages of it.


What can the salves be used for?

Short answer: Pretty much anything on the exterior of the body. Long answer: We have people using it for muscle pain, joint pain, and skin conditions like acne and eczema. We’ve even heard customers say they get relief from bone pain with our salves, but again we aren’t doctors. You’ll have to try it for yourself to see how it works with your body. Basically anywhere there’s inflammation within a few inches of the skin, our salves may help with it.
We don’t think our salve helps with hair loss, but we also haven’t tried. Please submit success stories if you have any.

What are the SALVE ingredients?

Organic candelilla vegan wax, unrefined coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, arnica oil, vitamin E, terpenes, and our dark unrefined full spectrum CBD. That’s it!

I left my salve in a hot car and it appears to have separated, is this a problem?

Short answer: Nope, everything’s fine. Long answer: This shouldn’t happen if stored at normal room temperature, but if left in the sun or a hot vehicle the various oils and waxes in the salve may separate into a somewhat-uneven texture. This has no impact whatsoever on the effectiveness of the product.
We’ve actually had some customers say they prefer it this way (shrug).

My salve has separated with "hardened" beads. Is this ok?

This is perfectly normal. Depending on weather conditions the wax in the salve may harden up and turn into little beads. You can use the salve as is and the beads will quickyl melt down and absorb into your skin upon contact. You may also restore a smooth consistency in your salve by giving it a hot water bath and mixing it up. Step-by-Step Hot Water Bath Instructions 1. Fill bowl/container with hot water. (Keep level of water shallow to not overflow into salve container.) 2. Take cover of salve container and place in hot water bath. 3. Stir salve unitl it turns into a liquid/oil consistency and looks extremely black/dak. (This is normal and will return to normal color upon cooling.) 4. Cover and place in the fridge. 5. Check the salve the next day and it will be smooth again.


How do I use the tincture?

Short answer: However you want. Long answer: This is our most versatile product – it can be used sublingually (under the tongue), mixed into a beverage (ingested), as a topical (on your skin), or even put into a vape (inhaled). We haven’t tried using them as eyedrops, though. Maybe ask an ophthalmologist before attempting that one. Massage oil is an absolute yes, that one we’ve tried.

Really? I can vape this?

Short answer: Yup, you sure can. Long answer: We don’t put any additives like PG or VG into our tinctures, and MCT’s are perfectly safe to vaporize and inhale (they’re technically lipids and come from oil, but chemically they behave more like carbohydrates in the body and don’t clog the lungs up like PG/VG). #nolipidpneumonia
CBD-wise it’s more efficient to use our high-potency wax cartridges, but if you like using our tinctures as vape oil we won’t stop you. Just use a low voltage vape pen; our tinctures are pretty thick and can burn at high voltage.

What can the tincture be used for?

Short answer: Pretty much everything. Long answer: Taken internally, tinctures may help with things like anxiety, pain management, and sleep, along with a whole bunch of other things modern science is still figuring out. Externally, they function like a thinner version of our salve.
Try it for yourself and see what effects you notice!

Can I refill my empty For The People vape cartridge with the tinctures?

Yes! We use an extremely high quality cartridge that does not need to be tossed out once it is done. It can easily be refilled and used again by refilling it with our CBD For The People eat-or-vape tincture bottles!


What does “uncut wax” mean?

Short answer: It means a more potent product that’s much healthier with no added nastiness. Long answer: Many companies on the market today cut their cartridges with MCT’s (from coconut oil), hemp oil, PG, VG, or other unnatural chemical carriers and additives to maximize profits and create a free flowing product. We do the exact opposite. We leave our cartridges fully uncut, thick, and extremely potent blended only with natural terpene profiles. This is the most organic CBD vape available on the market; the cleanest way to vape CBD.

Does it matter if a cartridge has PG or VG in it?

Short answer: Only if you like having lungs that work. Long answer: Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) have both been linked to lung damage when vaporized and inhaled. Both of these products are generally recognized as safe when ingested, but they just aren’t meant to go into our respiratory tract.
In contrast, MCT’s have unique chemical properties that make them safe to inhale, but they dilute the potency of CBD wax. That’s why we don’t put them in our cartridges – we cram literally as much CBD into those bad boys as possible (especially the X2).

What’s the deal with the X2 cartridge?

Short answer: Hands-down, it is THE MOST POTENT CBD cartridge on the market. Long answer: We here at FTP toiled away in the lab developing the industry’s first 65% CBD wax cartridge, with no PG, VG, MCT, or hemp oil. One full gram contains a whopping 650 mg of CBD! Go ahead and run a Google search for high potency CBD wax cartridges and see what comes up. We’ll wait. Oh, literally everyone else has nothing on FTP’s cartridges? How about that.

Why is the x2 more like oil vs the x1 which is wax in natural state?

Higher grade distillation! It takes almost 2.5 grams of X1 to make just 1 gram of X2. Higher grade distillation allows us to “condense” the 2.5 grams by removing more plant material making the X2 flow a little better than the X1 =]

Why does the X2 flow a little better than the X1?

Higher grade distillation! It takes almost 2.5 grams of X1 to make just 1 gram of X2. Higher grade distillation allows us to “condense” the 2.5 grams in 1 single gram of X2 making the X2 flow a little better than the X1. Think of high end alcoholic beverages. More distillation can bring up the alcohol content drastically.

What are terpenes?

Short answer: Terpenes are the plant world’s way of flavoring stuff. Long answer: Terpenes, terpenoids, and related compounds are the potent aromatic molecules in nature that give plants and fruit their unique scent and taste. For example, you walk into a forest and smell the sweet aroma of pine – you’re smelling the trees’ terpenes! Those little guys give pine trees the familiar aroma we all know and love. When you pick up a fresh pineapple at the grocery store, give it a whiff, cut it open and take a bite, you’re smelling and tasting the pineapple’s terpenes! Using these wonderful natural compounds to flavor our products is the most organic way to create delicious tastes, 100% chemical-free with zero artificial flavoring.

What do terpenes do, besides flavor?

Short answer: They magnify the beneficial effects of CBD – it’s called the “entourage effect.” Long answer: Research is showing that different terpenes can help with all sorts of cool things like energy, mental focus, anxiety, pain relief, appetite suppression, blood sugar control, relaxation, appetite stimulation, memory, insect repulsion (ever used a citronella candle?), and more. These botanical buddies interact with each other and with cannabinoids like CBD to amplify the biological response, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. They’re extremely potent molecules, so it doesn’t take much for them to do their jobs. We add these lovely little guys to our cartridges and tinctures to maximize the effectiveness of our products. In case you’re wondering, different marijuana strains are named and noted for their unique terpene flavor profiles. “Sativa” strains have more terpenes that encourage mental focus, appetite stimulation, and energy, while “Indica” strains have more terpenes that help with anxiety, pain relief, appetite suppression, and relaxation. As a rule, “Indica” is more for nighttime and “Sativa” is more for daytime, while “Hybrid” terpene profiles could be used for either one depending on your situation.

Your terpenes are named for marijuana strains, right? Is that where you get them from?

Short answer: Nope, that’s illegal. We play by the rules, thank you very much. Long answer: Terpenes are found everywhere in nature. With the right equipment and know-how, it’s not terribly difficult to analyze the terpene profile of a particular marijuana strain, derive those same terpenes from other plants like fruits, flowers, trees, and culinary herbs, then replicate that profile. That’s where we get ours from. Don’t try it at home though…you might burn your house down. #terpsbeflammable

How long does a cartridge last for?

Short answer: It depends, but usually at least a couple weeks. A standard cartridge will last between two and four weeks depending on how often you use it. We use only uncut wax so it does burn slow and last for a good amount of time. We do recommend getting the 1000 mg cartridges since they are the best value; you get the most CBD wax for your money. The X2 cartridges are by far the best value on the market.

How many milligrams do I get per puff?

Short answer: About 1 mg per puff. Long answer: It depends on how you vape it as well. The best way to get maximum effect is to inhale and hold for a minimum of three seconds before exhaling.

What’s the difference between the 500mg and the 1000mg cartridges?

The 500mg and 1,000mg refers to the physical volume of the cartridge. A full gram and half gram. There is no difference in potency, just size.

Is your CBD wax winterized?

Absolutely! Winterization is the only way to make a top-of-the-line, clean wax cartridge.


What are NOIDS?

We basically take our unrefined dark CBD in its rawest form and shove it into a softgel. (with the softgels’ consent, of course.) This allows you to get a heavy 25mg dose of our dark, raw CBD in a 100% tasteless form. Since our CBD is unrefined full-spectrum you get all the cannabinoid profiles, terpenes, plant sterols, vitamins, omegas, and phytonutrients that come along with it. Very cool!


What do I do if my cartridge feels stuck?

Short answer: Blow hard into it to clear the airways. Long answer: REMEMBER! THERE IS ADJUSTABLE AIR FLOW BUILT IN THE TOP OF THE CARTRIDGE! Make sure the air holes are OPEN by twisting the metal adjustable band towards the mouthpiece. If the holes are closed, it will seem clogged.

The cartridge looks too thick and solid, what do I do?

Short answer: It does NOT need to be liquid to vape. This is pure wax, not vape oil. Get off the PGVG train. Long answer: Since the wax inside is UNCUT, meaning ZERO chemical additives or thinning agents of any kind, it solidifies quickly. It can be vaped like this. Again, it does NOT need to be liquid. If you’ve ever lit a candle, you know that any kind of wax melts when heated. If wax is stuck on the sides of the glass towards the end of your cartridge, grab your/wife’s/sister’s/girlfriend’s/mom’s/auntie’s/ or boyfriends blow dryer and warm it to keep everything towards the bottom of the cartridge. Colder weather may call for other heat sources like a heat gun, heater, or other source of warm air or steam.
(Btdubs, if you keep your cartridge upright AT ALL TIMES this shouldn’t happen in the first place. If you lay your cartridge down when it’s liquid, it will freeze that way just like that ugly face your mom warned you about as a kid.)
Do not run it under hot water! Water can seep its way inside the cartridge and ruin everything. Who wants that? The 15 second double-click preheat function on your battery is very helpful when you have no other option, but make sure all 4 intake holes at the base of the cartridge are covered with wax before using this feature. If wax is not covering these holes you can damage the cartridge, so you may need to heat it with an outside source to get the wax to fall to the bottom and prevent that awful situation. This cartridge is made of 100% quartz and built to withstand high heat. Make sure you LET THE MOUTHPIECE COOL after heating your cartridge. You have been warned!

My battery isn’t turning on, what should I do?

Short answer: Click faster. Much faster. No matter how fast you think you are. Long answer: One of the most common issues is that the button is not being clicked quick enough. Five clicks will turn it both OFF and ON; shoot for all five clicks within one second (onetwothreefourfive). If you are still having issues, please contact our lovely support team Mon-Fri 8:30am – 6pm PST at 844-804-4020 for further assistance. They’re generously paid to help you out. They will read you this article to encourage faster clicks, or replace a rare defective battery.

How do I work my CBD For The People battery kit?

5 clicks = turn on 2 clicks = preheat function (15 second preheat @1.8v) 3 clicks = change voltage/heat setting Red = high – 3.6 V Blue = medium – 3.1 V White = low – 2.7 V 5 clicks = turn off When the pen needs to be charged, the light will flash a few times (it’s not broken). The pen will vape on a very low setting until full charged. Charging light will be red while charging. Light will turn OFF when fully charged. This battery charges very quickly – generally no more than half an hour for full charge.

How do I work my ELITE battery kit?

5 clicks = turn on 2 clicks = preheat function (15 second preheat @1.8v) 3 clicks = change voltage/heat setting Red = high – 3.6 V Pink = medium – 3.1 V Blue = low – 2.7 V When the pen needs to be charged, the light will flash a few times (again, it’s not broken). Then the unit will vape on a very low setting until fully charged. Charging light will be slow flashing BLUE while charging. Light will turn SOLID when fully charged.

Can I use my FTP battery kit or my Elite battery kit with other cartridges?

Yup! Both our batteries are compatible with any cartridge using 510 thread.

Pets & CBD

What can I buy for my pet?

The best product for pets would be our natural (unflavored) tincture.
All the ingredients are every bit as healthy for your furry friend(s) as they are for you. One thing in particular to avoid for pets would be the Tea Tree Salve – tea tree oil contains a natural compound that makes cats and dogs go loco. No bueno. But as long as they aren’t directly exposed to it, no worries.

How do I administer the tincture to my pet?

If they don’t lick it straight off the dropper (which most pets do), add it to their food or treats.